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High Temperature PCB Laminates

High-Temperature PCB Laminates Why Picking the Right Laminate Is so Important Picking the right high-temperature PCB laminate materials can be crucial to your operation. If you are going to use your printed circuit boards in high-temperature situations, PCB laminates for high temperature are a requirement. Failing to use the proper PCB laminate materials for high temperature can be disastrous. How? Read on. What Happens When Circuit Boards Heat Up? We know it is a natural property of heat to cause things to expand, and circuit board materials are no exception. The circuits on a circuit board are delicate machinery and need to retain their specific shape. Microwave and millimeter-wave circuits in particular have small, delicate features. If these features are distorted by high heat, they could fail to function. Other circuit material expansion as a result of high heat can change the form of transmission lines, shift frequencies and change

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PCB Measling and Delamination

PCB Assembly Boards

What Is Measling and Delamination? Circular white spots and small hole-like areas that appear in your printed circuit boards are typically measling and delamination errors that can occur during the production or use of PCBs. These errors can interfere with normal operations and may ruin your PCB. It is easy to control for these errors when identified, and leading PCB brands like MCL can even design your boards in a way that limits delamination and measling errors. What Is the Difference Between Delamination and Measling? While measling and delamination may appear similar, there are some noteworthy differences to keep in mind. Delamination is when the layers of your PCB base materials experience a partial separation. This will cause gaps or bubbles that look like blisters. Delamination typically occurs in the production process when unwanted heat or humidity are present. Measling is the presence of white spots in the PCB weave

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PCB Glossary

  • Array

    A group of elements or circuits (or circuit boards) arranged in rows and columns on a base material.