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How Different Technologies Affect the PCB Cost

Factors That Affect PCB Cost Material Choice PCB Size Numbers of Layers Finish (ENIG, HASL, etc.) Size of Hole Minimum Trace and Space The Thickness and Aspect Ratio Custom or Unique Specifications PCB of Different Designs How Different Technologies Affect the PCB Cost PCB technologies involve high levels of intricacy. Depending on the design of a circuit board, its production could be more or less costly than the average PCB. If a PCB is intended for an everyday conventional item, the cost to manufacture the board itself should be significantly lower than the price of a board designed for high-tech machinery. Factors That Affect PCB Cost The three factors that most impact PCB manufacturing cost breakdown are the type of material, the size of the board and the number of layers. Other factors that can also impact price include the finish and the size of the holes, including these eight.

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PCB Glossary

  • Dielectric

    An insulating medium that occupies the region between two conductors.