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What Causes Damages to Flexible PCBs

What Can Damage Flexible Printed Circuit Boards? Flexible printed circuit board (PCB) damage can relate to one of two types of factors — environmental and manufacturing. By partnering with a dependable supplier, you can protect your flexible PCB from these risks. Environmental Factors That Can Cause Flexible PCB Damage The following environmental factors can damage flexible circuit boards: Moisture: When moisture crosses two channels on a PCB, it can result in circuit board failure. A moist or humid environment can cause a PCB to come into contact with water. In addition, moisture can encourage the growth of mold, another factor for PCB damage. Static electricity: Fabric and carpet surfaces can create small static electricity charges that can cause severe PCB damage. In fact, a static charge can blow an entire etch off of a circuit board. Dust: Dust in a PCB can lead to damage due to its behavior as an insulator. In operating

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