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icon1Printed Circuit Boards

Our capabilities are not limited like most PCB companies. We build rigid boards from 1-44 layers with lead times that are geared towards your project.

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icon3Aluminum PCB

There are certainly benefits to using Millennium Circuits Limited’s (MCL) Aluminum PCB’S. They have excellent thermal conductivity, amazing electrical insulation and unmatched machining performance. If your project involves lighting or power transmission of any kind, our experts at MCL will probably recommend a metal-based PCB.

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High Current and Heavy Copper PCBs

MCL provides you years of experience in producing custom heavy copper circuit boards for high current applications.

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Rigid-Flex and Flexible PCB

MCL will perform above and beyond whenever you need a Rigid-Flex or flexible PCB  supplier . We produce the flex pcb you need for your application.

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Specialty Boards

ENEPIG Circuit Boards

IC Substrates and Interposer Boards

Ceramic PCB

icon4PCB Prototypes

MCL is fully capable of offering our customers virtually any kind of PCB prototype they require. Whether you need single, double-sided FR4 boards or high technology blind and buried via boards, MCL can now provide these PCB prototypes quickly at extremely affordable prices.

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Icon2SMT Stencils

At Millennium Circuits Limited (MCL), we’ve created a solid process for providing the best SMT Stencils on the market. As one of the most critical parts of the assembly process, we understand the importance of defect free SMT Stencils.

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PCB Glossary

  • Base Material Thickness

    The thickness of the base material excluding metal foil or material deposited on the surface.