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icon-27Order Bare Printed Circuit Boards

MCL is a leading bare board supplier in the United States. We can create configurations of bare circuit boards designed to your specifications so that you can populate them as you need, or have units that could fill multiple functions after the development phase.

MCL master engineers can ensure that your bare PCB is crafted specifically to your custom specs, and we’ll ensure that it can support the equipment, components and applications that you’re considering.

Our bare board efforts also assist you in other operations like panelization, or placing your PCBs onto a larger board. Bare PCB manufacturing companies like MCL tend to use panels for mounting, because they provide us with efficient operations and the plating process is more reliable. Manufacturing panels can be made to individual application specifications, making it a better process for your wallet and turnaround times, too.

Make MCL Your Bare PCB Manufacturer

MCL has become a top bare board supplier in the United States because we understand the complexities of bare board manufacturing and even the intricacies of when some bare boards are static-sensitive. Our goal is deliver you the best product to fit your needs — no matter what.

Learn more about bare board manufacturing, capabilities and cost-saving opportunities when you use MCL’s award-winning customer service by contacting us right here.