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Good Morning-
We received our first order of 200 pieces, thank you.  After a quick visual inspection, everything looks good, and the delivery arrived two days early!!  I couldn’t be happier!!  Unless some major problem arises, you are officially our new board vendor!!!  Thank you!!

Tracy RBuyer

Got the boards today — they look very nice.

Thanks so much,


Mariano ABuyer

Got them today!  They look good so thank you guys very much! You have satisfied a (to be) repeat customer. 🙂 We have enough panels on-hand for the next batch of things we needed so it may be a while before we hit you up again.  But we WILL be hitting you up.

Thank you!!!

Carol RBuyer

Thanks so much for the great service on this rush order.


Russ DBuyer

We received the new PCBs today. We are very pleased with them! They look great and tested! Thank you for such a nice job.
I will keep you in mind for future orders.

Thanks for such good work 🙂
Christine T

Christine TBuyer

I just want to let you know that we received both of these boards and they both passed our first piece inspection. We were very happy with our first three orders. I will definitely send our next order to you! Thank you very much and I look forward to working with you on more projects in the future. Have a nice weekend.


Jean M

Jean MBuyer

Dan, thank you for the excellent service you gave us on this first shipment of PCBs. The PCBs themselves look excellent too! They will go into production tomorrow. Thank you again, and I hope we can put some more new projects your way.

Martin DBuyer

Thank you for all of your hard work! MCL is one of the reasons we are getting all of this new assembly work. We really appreciate you guys!

Aaron KBuyer

Hello guys (and gals),

I wanted to say, “Thank You to Dan and his team!!” for a successful recovery of this order! MCL really stepped up! I am told our customer is pleased. I want to thank you for staying right on top of this when I was rushing things. This is the kind of service (amongst other concerns) that was lacking from the previous supplier.

Thanks again!

Darryl UBuyer

Thanks for the great delivery on my boards… I want to thank you for delivering them to me a couple days early 🙂  I really appreciated the early delivery.  Millennium does a much, much, much better job on the gold finger area. You are awesome! I also want to say we are pleased with the quality of your boards and look forward to more orders being placed with Millennium!

Again, thank you for such a fantastic job! And, thank you so much for your continued efforts to get our business.

Take care,

Diane H

Diane HBuyer
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