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Dan, thank you for the excellent service you gave us on this first shipment of PCBs. The PCBs themselves look excellent too! They will go into production tomorrow. Thank you again, and I hope we can put some more new projects your way.

Martin DBuyer

Thank you for all of your hard work! MCL is one of the reasons we are getting all of this new assembly work. We really appreciate you guys!

Aaron KBuyer

Hello guys (and gals),

I wanted to say, “Thank You to Dan and his team!!” for a successful recovery of this order! MCL really stepped up! I am told our customer is pleased. I want to thank you for staying right on top of this when I was rushing things. This is the kind of service (amongst other concerns) that was lacking from the previous supplier.

Thanks again!

Darryl UBuyer

Thanks for the great delivery on my boards… I want to thank you for delivering them to me a couple days early 🙂  I really appreciated the early delivery.  Millennium does a much, much, much better job on the gold finger area. You are awesome! I also want to say we are pleased with the quality of your boards and look forward to more orders being placed with Millennium!

Again, thank you for such a fantastic job! And, thank you so much for your continued efforts to get our business.

Take care,

Diane H

Diane HBuyer

I’d like to take a moment to tell you that I’m impressed with the service you are providing to us. We are pushing more and more business to you, this is a testament to you.



Perry HEngineer

I am very impressed by your level of CAM inspection – I’ve never seen this from our other vendors.  I will definitely promote this aspect in addition to your companies better pricing so far.



Aaron LEngineer

Millennium Circuits Limited provides high quality printed circuit boards at very competitive prices. Customer service is unparalleled in the industry. Their staff is responsive and helpful. They do what they say they are going to do. All customer issues are addressed immediately and effectively. All of my expectations are routinely met or exceeded. They are fast becoming my go to company for all PCB’S.


Dave MEngineer

I received the stencil today, and after inspection it looks as good, if not better, than some of our other stencils. Thanks!

Matthew B

Matthew BEngineer

I am rarely impressed by vendor services but you and your company are fabulous. Thank you for a great job. You are amazing to work with. I will recommend your company for all our new projects. You can’t imagine how grateful I am. I have informed my department manager of your services and I believe he will make every effort to recommend your services for other projects.

Have a wonderful week.


Carmen MEngineer

I received the boards Wednesday and they look great!

I am going to post your companies information on some of the web forums I use, and maybe you can get some new customers from it..  I do know they get some boards made overseas, but you have competitive pricing and are located in the US.  They would be crazy not to use MCL!

Thanks again,


Dan BPresident