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You guys are amazing! Thanks so much for helping us out with the stencil issue in such a timely fashion. You guys are the best!

Best Regards,

Ed M

Ed MPresident

I received the engineering questions from your board house, Millennium Circuits. These questions reflect to me that you have a top notch PCB house. Please pass along my appreciation for their diligence and concern.



Roger BProduct Development

I got the PCB’s and they look great! Thanks for all your help.

I ran the first run of 600 pieces them through my pick and place machine yesterday. These are the round black boards in a 3 by 4 panel. The panels were great! The boards were consistent and once I got everything set up, I had no problems at all. I wound up with 10 solder bridges out of almost 10K parts placed! Plus, having a 3×4 panel instead of 3×3 was a great idea on my part. Previously I could only make about 550 PCB’s on a day where everything went well. Yesterday I was able to make 600 PCB’s by 1pm when I ran out of parts. Now, I can probably make 800 PCB’s on a good day. And you get kudos for realizing that the boards would be de-panelized after being stuffed. The three additional tiny holes that you put into each of the 4 webs that hold the round PCB onto the panel made de-panelizing them a snap whereas before they would use dykes to weaken the web and then use pliers to twist the panels back and forth until the webs snapped and the individuals boards were freed. Then they would have to sand off the stubble of the remaining webs.

I showed this to my boss and he was very impressed.

Thanks again for your help!


Steve K.Technician