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PCB Capabilities

At Millennium Circuits Limited (MCL), we have an extensive list of both Domestic and Offshore PCB Capabilities for our Rigid, Flex, Rigid-Flex, Hybrid RF/Digital, Metal Core, and Aluminum Backed Printed Circuit Boards.

Why MCL?

Have you ever lost sleep wondering if your supplier would deliver your product on time and with no defects? With us that will no longer happen. We will keep you in the loop with every process...

Customer Reviews

You guys are amazing! Thanks so much for helping us out with the stencil issue in such a timely fashion. You guys are the best...

Ed M - President

We were very happy with our first three orders. I will definitely send our next order to you! Thank you very much...

Jean M - Buyer

I am very impressed by your level of CAM inspection – I’ve never seen this from our other vendors. I will definitely promote this aspect in addition to your companies better pricing so far...

Aaron L - Engineer

Thank you for expediting our PCBs. We really appreciate your efforts! You rock...

Arlene F - Buyer

Just a note to let you guys know how much I appreciate all the help you have been with all the quick-turn stuff including quotes, stencils and boards that we have thrown at you lately...

Dave M - Manufacturing Engineer

MCL continues to impress us with your price, delivery and quality!

Mike K - Buyer

Circuit Boards | Imagine the Possibilities

Millennium Circuits Limited (MCL) mixes innovation and quality assurance to deliver an incredible experience to our clientele. With a World-Class Sales and Customer Support Team, located in the heart of Central Pennsylvania (Harrisburg), we are very proud to say that we build long lasting relationships with all of our customers.

As an innovative company employing highly trained, extremely knowledgeable technicians, MCL is a forerunner in the circuit board technology industry. We supply state-of-the-art circuit boards for many different products.