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    MCL continues to “knock it out of the park” and remains my “go-to”. Whether it’s a brand new build, a repeat order or one that requires reverse Engineering just to get started. I feel 100% confident in the abilities of the top-notch staff at MCL to meet my ever-changing needs.

    Your commitment to customer relations, quality and on-time delivery as well as your consistency in delivering on all fronts truly sets you apart from your competitors. I mean it when I say MCL is not just raising the bar they are becoming the bar.

    Thank you all for your reliable excellence, your fun personalities and your ability to think outside of the box. I look forward to many years of continued growth in our business relationship.


    I really want to thank you and Dan for going WAY out of your way to help us with this project. I know this is not your normal production request, and we are NOT your typical PCB client!

    Thank you for your help and willingness to work with us to get what we need!


    I got the PCB’s and they look great! Thanks for all your help.

    I ran the first run of 600 pieces them through my pick and place machine yesterday. These are the round black boards in a 3 by 4 panel. The panels were great! The boards were consistent and once I got everything set up, I had no problems at all. I wound up with 10 solder bridges out of almost 10K parts placed! Plus, having a 3×4 panel instead of 3×3 was a great idea on my part. Previously I could only make about 550 PCB’s on a day where everything went well. Yesterday I was able to make 600 PCB’s by 1pm when I ran out of parts. Now, I can probably make 800 PCB’s on a good day. And you get kudos for realizing that the boards would be de-panelized after being stuffed. The three additional tiny holes that you put into each of the 4 webs that hold the round PCB onto the panel made de-panelizing them a snap whereas before they would use dykes to weaken the web and then use pliers to twist the panels back and forth until the webs snapped and the individuals boards were freed. Then they would have to sand off the stubble of the remaining webs.

    I showed this to my boss and he was very impressed.

    Thanks again for your help!

    Steve K.

    I received the engineering questions from your board house, Millennium Circuits. These questions reflect to me that you have a top notch PCB house. Please pass along my appreciation for their diligence and concern.


    Roger B.
    Product Development

    I received the boards Wednesday and they look great!

    I am going to post your companies information on some of the web forums I use, and maybe you can get some new customers from it.. I do know they get some boards made overseas, but you have competitive pricing and are located in the US. They would be crazy not to use MCL!

    Thanks again,

    Dan B.

    I am rarely impressed by vendor services but you and your company are fabulous. Thank you for a great job. You are amazing to work with. I will recommend your company for all our new projects. You can’t imagine how grateful I am. I have informed my department manager of your services and I believe he will make every effort to recommend your services for other projects.

    Have a wonderful week.

    Carmen M.

    Millennium Circuits Limited provides high quality printed circuit boards at very competitive prices. Customer service is unparalleled in the industry. Their staff is responsive and helpful. They do what they say they are going to do. All customer issues are addressed immediately and effectively. All of my expectations are routinely met or exceeded. They are fast becoming my go to company for all PCB’S.

    Dave M.

    I am very impressed by your level of CAM inspection – I’ve never seen this from our other vendors. I will definitely promote this aspect in addition to your companies better pricing so far.


    Aaron L.

    I’d like to take a moment to tell you that I’m impressed with the service you are providing to us. We are pushing more and more business to you, this is a testament to you.


    Perry H.

    Thanks for the great delivery on my boards… I want to thank you for delivering them to me a couple days early. I really appreciated the early delivery. Millennium does a much, much, much better job on the gold finger area. You are awesome! I also want to say we are pleased with the quality of your boards and look forward to more orders being placed with Millennium!

    Again, thank you for such a fantastic job! And, thank you so much for your continued efforts to get our business.

    Take care,

    Diane H.

    Hello guys (and gals),

    I wanted to say, “Thank You to Dan and his team!!” for a successful recovery of this order! MCL really stepped up! I am told our customer is pleased. I want to thank you for staying right on top of this when I was rushing things. This is the kind of service (amongst other concerns) that was lacking from the previous supplier.

    Thanks again!

    Darryl U.

    Thank you for all of your hard work! MCL is one of the reasons we are getting all of this new assembly work. We really appreciate you guys!

    Aaron K.

    Dan, thank you for the excellent service you gave us on this first shipment of PCBs. The PCBs themselves look excellent too! They will go into production tomorrow. Thank you again, and I hope we can put some more new projects your way.

    Martin D.

    I just want to let you know that we received both of these boards and they both passed our first piece inspection. We were very happy with our first three orders. I will definitely send our next order to you! Thank you very much and I look forward to working with you on more projects in the future. Have a nice weekend.


    Jean M.

    We received the new PCBs today. We are very pleased with them! They look great and tested! Thank you for such a nice job.

    I will keep you in mind for future orders.

    Thanks for such good work,

    Christine T.

    Thanks so much for the great service on this rush order.

    Russ D.

    Got them today! They look good so thank you guys very much! You have satisfied a (to be) repeat customer. We have enough panels on-hand for the next batch of things we needed so it may be a while before we hit you up again. But we WILL be hitting you up.

    Thank you!!!

    Carol R.

    Got the boards today — they look very nice.

    Thanks so much,

    Mariano A.

    Good Morning,

    We received our first order of 200 pieces, thank you. After a quick visual inspection, everything looks good, and the delivery arrived two days early!! I couldn’t be happier!! Unless some major problem arises, you are officially our new board vendor!!! Thank you!!

    Tracy R.

    I appreciate your attention to this order and, as always, your great workmanship; you guys are definitely one of my best vendors. I wanted to give you guys a “well done” for the boards you’ve done for us so far. Great job and I intend to use Millennium a lot in the future.

    Mike M.

    We received our circuits boards last week, and they are excellent. We noticed that the through holes filled with lead free solder much easier without adding extra flux compared to some of our boards ordered from other vendors. Thank you for your excellent service and quality.

    Best Regards,

    George K.

    The boards arrived yesterday and we have started putting components on one. Everything looks good, thank you.

    Daniel B.

    Thank you for expediting our PCBs. We really appreciate your efforts! You rock!

    Thanks again,

    Arlene F.

    Got our most recent order today, boards look great & packaged very nice. I really like working with you guys, you do very nice work. TTYS

    Best Regards,

    Larry G.

    Hi all At MCL,

    I know customers usually only contact a vendor when something negative happens, I’d like to do the opposite.. Just wanted to tell you all how impressed I am with your pricing, promptness with RFQ’s, on time or early delivery, (just got an order ten days ahead of when I thought I would, and our customer is ecstatic), and general friendliness and willingness to work with me and what’s best for the customer. Never have got the feeling I was second rate. I really appreciate all your efforts, keep it up and you will all go places, along with many more orders!! Take care!

    Best Regards,

    Mitchell O.

    Boards arrived today and look great! Thank you for your prompt attention on this order.

    Pete M.

    MCL continues to impress us with your price, delivery and quality!

    Mike K.

    Dan and Denny, It was a pleasure meeting you both and thank you for your time and overview of your capabilities. I’d like to re-iterate how pleased we are with the boards we received. They arrived on time and the quality was excellent. As I mentioned, this is my first time using 0.4mm pitch pads and Via-in-Pad so I was a bit anxious. I appreciate the time you spent with me reviewing the design prior to release in order to make sure I had a layout that was manufacturable. The boards looked great and our CM had no issues with the assembly. Thank you for being an important part of our program and helping making it a success. I am so pleased to have found a PCB supplier that can accommodate all my current and clearly future needs. We look forward to a long working relationship.

    Harry R.

    You guys have seriously knocked it out of the park once again. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the value that you bring to my organization. Thanks again.

    Mark G.

    We were all extremely impressed with our first experience with MCL. Prior to contacting you, we reached out to many other PCB Manufacturers and could not find anybody to do a 1 day turn on this size board. We were really in a time crunch and MCL came through for us! The quality was some of the best we have seen in awhile and the support was phenomenal. We will most certainly be doing business with MCL in the future.


    I just received the boards and the extras that were thrown in were outstanding customer service. I wasn’t expecting test coupons, x-rays, or whatever you call the epoxied cross-section puck. Of course, the PCBs need to perform the way I expect them to, but you guys did everything possible to stand behind the product that we received. That extra work on your part has absolutely earned you a future customer. Amazing job. In addition, the correspondence with the whole team at MCL was perfect.

    In our industry, we learn to trust people that we have worked with before or get as a recommendation. When you work with someone unknown for the first time you cross your fingers and hope that it will be a good vendor/customer. Again, this exceeded my expectations and wanted to let you know personally and I hope that you will share this feedback with the tech leads that might want to know what we thought about the experience


    In the electronics contract manufacturing marketplace, the relationship and consistency of materials and service from your board house are critical to the success of your organization.PCB quality is the foundation for everything else that happens in the PCB assembly process.

    The relationship between us and MCL has been a long-standing one and the service we receive at all levels of the organization has helped position us to win business. Quote turn-times are prompt and technical support provides guidance and deliverables quickly — even during COVID19. In several cases, MCL has gone above and beyond to meet delivery dates. The entire team at MCL is a supplier that our company depends upon as we look at our growth strategies moving forward.

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