Printed Circuit Board Uses in Industrial Equipment

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    PCBs for Industrial Applications

    In today’s dynamic industrial landscape, products and processes are becoming increasingly complex and interactive. Notably, IoT and sensor technology are leading the way in driving efficiency improvements. However, the industrial sector also faces challenges in the form of compliance regulations, traceability requirements, and growing demands for sustainability.

    We are committed to delivering innovative solutions that address these challenges head-on. Below, you will find a selection of applications we offer, all of which are geared towards enhancing productivity, compliance, and sustainability within the industrial sector. Our focus is on propelling your success in this evolving environment.

    • Industrial – Building Control: PCBs for elevators, HVAC- heat systems, ventilation, passage control, booking systems, lightning control or smart homes. Demands are reliability with long service life.
    • Computers: PCBs for embedded computers, mounted inside applications, like ticket vending machines, parking meters or charging stations. Demands are typically complex design and heat management.
    • Controls: PCBs for position controls, light curtains, PLC-modules or machine controls. Demands are high reliability, high-speed signals and size constraints.
    • Industrial Imaging: PCBs for digital high speed video capture and processing. Demands are typically complex design, size constraints, high-speed signal transfer and data processing.
    • Machines/Tools: PCBs for industrial tools. Demands are very limited size requiring a higher density design, lightweight and ergonomics, telemetry and positioning.
    • Marine: PCBs for marine electronics, satellite/radio and onboard communication, navigation, plotters, engine control and radar systems. Demands are typically rugged constructions for withstanding a harsh naval environment.
    • Motion Actuators: PCBs for hydraulic control packs, garbage trucks, truck lifts, excavators or forestry machines. Demands are durable PCBs, withstanding vibrations and temperatures in exposed environments.
    • Motor Control: PCBs for industrial robots, production lines, automated warehouses, fans or industrial pump applications and recycling machines. Demands are durability over time, often in an exposed environment.
    • Personal Protection: PCBs for respiratory helmets, welding helmets or hearing protection. Demands are size constraints, Bluetooth and signal integrity and noise cancellation.
    • Sensors: PCBs for sensors measuring vibrations, light, temperature, pressure and strain gauge. Sensors are interpreted via WIFI. Demands are typically size constraints. Growing demand of IOT sensors also adds the demand of low power consumption.
    • Test and Measurement: PCBs for multimeters, oscilloscopes, power, radio and RF signal analyzers. Demands are complex design, size constraints and signal integrity.

    We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified PCB supplier that can support your most intricate industrial circuit board designs.

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    Printed Circuit Board Uses in Industrial Equipment

    Industrial equipment becomes more sophisticated every year. As its sophistication grows, so do industry applications for printed circuit boards. Electronically operated industrial equipment allows greater precision, control and even safety for workers in a wide variety of industries. Printed circuit boards for industrial equipment also allow for more precise and easier-to-read measurements and faster operation.

    Which Industrial Equipment Uses PCBs?

    PCB applications are found across almost every industry. Naturally, you will expect to find printed circuit boards in the electronics industry, but you also find them frequently in the automotive industry, in the military, aerospace, construction, health care and municipal industries, and many more.

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    What Are Some Common Industrial Equipment Applications for Printed Circuit Boards?

    Industrial equipment using PCBs is virtually everywhere in modern industry. You may find a printed circuit board at the heart of a seismic monitoring device. A manufacturing company may have PCB-powered industrial equipment all over the facility, from inside battery chargers to providing readouts for industrial load testers to running operations inside high-power motor controllers.

    You can find printed circuit boards in water treatment plant controls, ultrasonic technology controls and many different types of robot controls. You are also likely to find printed circuit boards all over hospitals and other health care facilities, as the healthcare industry uses them in many industrial medical devices.

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    What Types of Printed Circuit Boards Does One Use for Industrial Equipment?

    The types of printed circuit boards we offer at Millennium Circuits Limited are quite varied, to match the varying needs of a range of industries and industrial equipment. For example, if your industrial equipment is very small or unusually shaped, you may benefit from flexible circuit boards, made of flexible materials that can bend without breaking in order to fit into challenging areas.

    You might also benefit from rigid-flex printed circuit boards, which combine some of the flexibility of flexible boards with the strength and rigidity of standard boards. Other possibilities include ceramic boards and RF and microwave boards. Temperature resistance, flexibility, conductivity and other factors will go into helping you decide on the right boards for your industrial equipment.

    If you’re not quite sure what each of these boards does, or how the various types of boards match your industrial equipment needs, call us and we can assist you in figuring out what your best options will be.

    The Future of Industrial Applications for Printed Circuit Boards

    In the future, we can expect even more industrial equipment to use printed circuit boards in creative and varied ways. If your company uses industrial equipment and you need printed circuit boards, or you are first exploring the use of PCBs in your industrial equipment and wish to learn more, MCL can help. Call us at 717-558-5975 or contact us online to learn more about our PCBs , or to place an order for printed circuit boards for your industrial equipment today.

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