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    Processes and careful controls allow MCL to provide you with the best PCB each and every time.

    MCL has long-term, strategic partnerships with our manufacturing facilities, some in place since our inception. Your PCBs are never produced by the lowest bidder out of a large pool of factories. Rather, they are fabricated at a location that is a right-fit for your PCB’s specifications, volume, and lead-time. MCL has a targeted approach to make sure that your PCBs are produced at the right factory to ensure maximum quality and consistency.

    To describe our processes, lets start at the beginning – at the time of quote.

    Get Pricing and Lead Time

    Quick and Accurate Request for Quote

    Getting accurate and timely pricing back to our customers is a priority at MCL with the bulk of RFQs being completed in just a few hours. Our custom ERP and expert team are able to review RFQs and get information back to customers so that they aren’t left waiting or even wondering if we received the RFQ.

    Our Customer Concierge Team ensures that all necessary and pertinent information is received for the most accurate and timely quoting to be accomplished. Our process for quoting is CAM-based. Customer come to rely on MCL’s accurate and responsive quoting. Our thorough process includes a DFM check, spacing clearances, all specifications, and critical notes. Customers can expect to be notified of any assumptions while quoting.

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    Engineering and Value-Added Services

    MCL routinely works with our customers or our customer’s end customers in a consulting capacity to ensure the board specs are a best fit for the end application and within budget.

    Other value-added services our customers can expect include:

    • Evaluation of all layers
    • DFM check
    • Panelization design
    • Preparation of production documentation
    • Controlled impedance modeling
    • Net check
    • Cost consulting
    • Stackup design
    • Surface finish consultation
    • Laminate and raw material consultation

    Over the past 15 years, MCL has worked with customers to resolve engineering questions quickly in order to reduce any delays in fabrication. Our quoting and engineering team works methodically to resolve any uncertainties or discrepancies in the customer’s specifications in order to ensure the board is manufactured as expected and without any quality issues.


    As an MCL customer, you can anticipate proactive communication regarding your quote and order at all times of the ordering and manufacturing process. This extends to shipments as well. Our dedicated Customer Concierge is in constant communication with their customers regarding order statuses, tracking numbers, delays, fulfilling shipping requirements and more. Our goal is to keep our customers informed so that they can make any necessary decisions or notify MCL of any adjustments on their end.

    Before your order is even built, at the time of quote, MCL is already hard at work determining which strategic partner is the best choice for your desired lead time and PCB technology. This is an imperative element in maintaining on-track production time frames and ensuring on-time deliveries. MCL has a global team that works to confirm orders are on time each day and throughout the day. MCL provides customers with updates frequently and consistently. You’ll never be left wondering when your order will ship.

    In the unlikely event there is a potential issue that an order will not ship on-time or has met a delay at a carrier level, you can rest assured that MCL will notify you timely and work tirelessly to get your order to you with the least delay possible.

    MCL ships a lot of product each and every day to the USA and abroad. We have solid and years-long relationships with our forwarding representatives that helps to ensure every box is accounted for and processed in an expedient though cost-effective manner 6 days a week.

    Quality Assurance

    Every order, regardless of size, receives the utmost attention to detail throughout the entire process to ensure all customer expectations are met. It all starts with the customers expectations and specifications. Every order is produced within the strict guidelines set forth by our customers. Our ISO 9001:2015 certification means that MCL has put in the necessary framework to ensure consistency is achieved and the quality standards are met within our organization.

    Each order goes through the same tightly controlled processes with an aim to not only increase efficiencies for the benefit of our customers but with the fundamental goal of consistently delivering quality product built to the customer’s expectations and board specifications.

    Customer Support

    Each customer has a dedicated Customer Concierge that they will routinely work with. This allows us to build lasting and meaningful relationships where customers are able to work with a familiar and friendly MCL team member who they know and where they aren’t just another person in the queue. Our Customer Concierge acts as the customer’s liaison and advocate within MCL to ensure that all communication is relayed to the proper internal teams and that responses to the customer are accounted for and timely.

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    • For customers with a tight turn time for a new product launch that requires a complex board, MCL provides technical expertise from prototype through production increasing speed to market by 19.8%.

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