Heavy Copper

High Current and Heavy Copper PCBs

MCL has more than 15 years of experience crafting heavy copper PCBs. The units take more care than other types of circuit boards because of the thermal resistance presented by thick copper plates. Heavy copper PCBs handle higher rates of current than other boards, are able to resist higher temperatures for longer amounts of time and provide for stronger connection points. We manufacture units with copper components from 3 oz/ft2 to 8 oz/ft2. Contact MCL for more information on Extreme Copper PCBs if you require more than 8 oz/ft2.

Range of Options

Heavy-copper printed circuit board manufacturing includes both single, double-sided, and multilayer PCBs. The single and double sided are the most basic high-current printed circuit board configurations available for practical use. Simple configurations keep production costs low, but it may present a challenge in terms of board construction.

As layers are added, PCBs become more complex. They can be used to relay hefty current loads and handle multiple functions. Thick copper plates work well in specific industries where higher performance and processes are required.

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Why Experience Counts

PCBs for high current applications present special challenges because of the loads they need to manage safely.  The solder mask process must be tightly controlled as the heavy copper is much thicker than the substrate and cause issues during solder mask manufacturing.  MCL has the experience needed to ensure the solder mask process is handled correctly.

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Industries Served

Heavy copper-based PCBs are essential for handling high current loads, and as such, they are particularly useful in the following applications:

  • Solar arrays
  • Power converters
  • Power supplies
  • Heavy machinery
  • Automotive
  • Aviation
  • Welding

Projects requiring higher currents, stronger circuitry connections, and compact board designs benefits from heavy copper PCBs. The boards are capable of handling high temperatures without warping or disruption.

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