Flexible PCB Microcircuits

As demand for small electronic devices increases, printed circuit boards (PCBs) continue to reach new and innovative capabilities. Flexible PCBs, often called flex circuits, improve on the traditional circuit board by placing conductive tracks on flexible polyimide substrates instead of rigid glass-reinforced bases. Now, flexible PCB microcircuits offer further improvement, reducing the size of the flex circuit and opening up the industry to even smaller and higher performance technology. Learn more about these small circuit boards and their applications below.

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Benefits of Flexible Microcircuits

Flexible PCB microcircuits are essentially miniature versions of flex circuits. They come in single-sided, double-sided and multi-layer configurations, allowing them to provide varying levels of functionality. Some of the benefits of flexible PCB microcircuits include:

  • Flexible construction: Like larger flex circuits, flexible microcircuits are designed to tolerate bending, twisting and folding. This build allows flexible PCB microcircuits to fit in small and irregular spaces, which is ideal for use in small devices.
  • Small size and light weight: Flexible microcircuits take the flex circuit’s compact size and light weight to another level. They maintain the function of the circuit while reducing weight and space requirements drastically.
  • Good signal integrity: With specialized etching equipment, it’s possible to make flexible microcircuits with strong signal integrity. These microcircuits are often used in applications that require reliable, high-speed connectivity.
  • High vibration and shock resistance: The flexible base of the microcircuit gives it increased resistance to shock and vibration, which proves useful in small consumer electronics that are handled frequently or even constantly.

Flexible PCB Microcircuit Applications

With their variety of unique benefits, flex microcircuits are useful in a number of industries and applications. Though you can use a microcircuit in any type of electronic product, they perform particularly well in small devices, even when regular flex circuits prove unusable. The two most common types of uses for these circuit boards are small technology and high-performance technology. You can find flexible PCB microcircuits in the following electronics and products:

  • Medical devices such as hearing aids
  • Electronic medical implants
  • Wearable technology
  • Mobile devices
  • Industrial sensors
  • RFID tags and readers
  • High-speed digital or microwave connectors

Flex microcircuits may also find use in low-tech applications for which the microcircuit’s small size and flexibility are convenient. If you have questions about possible applications for flexible microcircuits, you may want to discuss your project with the experts at Millennium Circuits Limited. Our knowledgeable technical team can help you determine which type of PCB would best suit your application.

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Flexible Microcircuits From Millennium Circuits Limited

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