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We Always Perform Signal Integrity Analysis for High-Speed PCBs

The digital circuit is a powerhouse and high-speed PCBs are full of microprocessors and other components that are managing billions and billions of operations each second. That means any flaw or error in design can cause a significant issue and prevent proper operation.

It’s important for any high-speed PCB to be properly engineered to reduce flaws through elements such as impedance discontinuities in transmission lines, improper plating of the through-hole interconnections or other losses of PCB signal integrity.

MCL has the experts on-hand to achieve the results you need. We know most digital, high-speed applications have long since risen above the operational efficiencies offered by standard FR-4 materials, so we’ll make the right recommendations and prevent you from having performance issues.

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High-speed PCBs are common in almost every industry that we interact with in our daily lives, from the bank on the corner to the device and infrastructure you’re using to read this article — and that goes double for anyone reading this on a mobile device.

Some of the applications and industries we’ve worked with on high-speed digital PCBs include:

  • Network communications for signal integrity verification
  • Small-factor layout and design for elements such as radios with a high need for impedance control
  • Consumer-facing installed electronics, such as ATMs, which need to be maintained with the latest standards, have high volumes and need a short time-to-market
  • High-speed digital test boards for various signals, including tests for RF signal roll-off
  • Medical equipment that requires high-speed, extremely dense but low-cost individual PCBs

Working With MCL

Beyond our commitment to reduce signal integrity problems in a PCB design, MCL also offers your business an unprecedented level of service and flexibility.

No order is too small for MCL, and even if you’re asking for a single board, you’ll get high-quality engineering support and excellent, on-time delivery performance. We offer competitive pricing, domestic and offshore manufacturing, fast quote turnarounds and response times that our customers value.

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