Specialty PCBs

Specialty PCBs

Millennium Circuits Limited is a leading value-added supplier of printed circuit boards that consistently provides PCB solutions that are high quality, at competitive prices on time. MCL has over 15 years of experience that has been focused on doing one thing well: supplying bare printed circuit boards.

Our capabilities include everything from quick-turn prototypes to scheduled releases of production quantities over a specified period of time and everything in between.

Depending on the overall application of the board and its environment along with the complexity of the design and the material needed to fabricate a custom printed circuit board, it could be characterized as a specialty printed circuit board.  Some types of specialty PCBs can include ceramic, aluminum, copper core, IC substrate, interposer boards, and heavy copper boards.

MCL’s technical team is available to consult with you on these different types of specialty PCBs – whether you are a startup in need of a highly complex prototype or an OEM with expanding production volumes.

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