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    MCL Domestic and Offshore PCB Capabilities

    Choosing MCL as your circuit board manufacturer has its benefits. As a member of the MCL family, you’ll experience rapid quote response, flexible lead times, technical support, and engineering services from a leading supplier who is on the cutting-edge of technology offering a variety of PCB solutions – everything you need and want from a PCB supplier.

    We offer a wide range of printed circuit board manufacturing capabilities that are in-line with your PCB needs.  In order to meet the needs of our diverse customer pool, MCL has both strategic manufacturing partners domestically and overseas so that we are expertly positioned to deliver the right board with the right specifications.

    Get Pricing and Lead Time

    Why Use MCL for Your Offshore PCB Manufacturing Services?

    Offshore PCB manufacturing services from Millennium Circuits Limited adhere to our industry-leading capabilities and tolerance requirements. We guarantee a high quality of production and engineering  and support services.

    By offering PCB offshore services in the United States, we allow customers like you to secure high-quality PCBs at a more affordable rate. In being a strategic partner to our customers, MCL’s motive is to help increase our customers’ competitiveness in their markets through utilizing our experience in custom printed circuit board manufacturing and global logistics.

    Regardless of the location of the manufacturing facility, in the USA or offshore, MCL operates quickly and efficiently, taking accountability to build your PCBs to the right specifications and delivering them on-time, strengthening your PCB supply chain.

    Millennium Circuits is your go-to source for all your PCB needs. Contact us today to learn more about domestic and offshore printed circuit boards, plus get your free quote.

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    • Quick Turn
    • Prototype Quantities
    • Production Quantities
    • 1 – 44 Layers
    • 35:1 Drill Aspect Ratio
    • Maximum Panel Size – 24″ x 51″
    • Blind / Buried Vias. & Micro Vias
    • Via In Pad with Fill Options
    • (Conductive, Non Conductive, Copper Plug)
    • Controlled Impedance
    • High Copper Thickness

    Surface Finish Options

    • Immersion Gold (ENIG)
    • Immersion Silver
    • Immersion Tin
    • ENEPIG
    • HASL
    • Pb-Free HAL
    • OSP
    • Hard Gold
    • Soft Gold
    • Selective Finishes

    Base Materials

    • RoHS Compliant Options
    • High Speed Digital Options
    • High Frequency RF Options
    • High Temperature Options
    • Aluminum Clad Options
    • Ceramic Options


    Value-Added Services

    • Rapid quote response
    • Lifecycle management – prototypes, managing board revisions and artwork
    • DFM Review & Analysis
    • Panelization
    • Cost consulting
    • Stackup design
    • Surface finish consultation
    • Laminate and raw material consultation

    Our Capabilities

    You will find options below on our different capabilities when it comes to engineering services, manufacturing abilities, lifecycle management, prototyping, and quick turn services from MCL.

    It can be a challenge to find the optimal supplier for PCBs – meeting each and all customers’ expectations and requirements on price, quality, lead times, value-added services, and delivery. MCL is confident that we meet each and every expectations for each PCB.

    Specs and Tolerances

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    Outer Layer Trace / Space.002″ / .002″
    Inner Layer Trace / Space.002′ / .002′
    Minimum Drilled Hole.002″
    Standard Drilled Hole.008″
    Drill Aspect Ratio35:1
    Minimum Pad Size.004″
    Minimum Feature to Edge.010″
    Minimum Core Thickness.001″
    Controlled Depth DrillingYES
    Sequential LaminationYES

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    Technology Roadmap – Millennium Circuits Limited

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    Product Types



    Leading Edge


    Rigid PCB technologiesYes
    Flexible circuitsYes
    Rigid-flex circuitsYes
    Flex heaters / ribbon cablesYes
    Thermal management / LED PCBs Yes
    High speed digital PCBs Yes
    RF/microwave/mm-wave PCBs Yes


    Highest layer count24284040
    Maximum board thickness (in mils)220235250300
    Minimum board thickness (2 layer) (in mils)5432
    Thinnest core material (rigid) (in mils)32.521.5
    Thickest core material (in mils)125125125125
    Largest panel size (in inches)18 by 2424 by 3024 by 3024 by 30
    Maximum usable area (in inches)16 by 2222 by 2822 by 2822 by 28
    Bow and twist -% (balanced)<0.75%<0.75%<0.75%<0.75%
    Minimum copper to edge clearance (in mils)10855
    Min. positional tol.-feature to feature (in mils)+/- 5+/- 4+/- 3+/- 2
    Layer to layer registration tolerance (in mils)+/- 5+/- 4+/- 3+/- 2
    Number of sequential lamination cycles2456
    Hole to copper (internal plane layers) (in mils)10765
    Drilled hole to drilled hole distance (in mils)141287
    Inner layer lines and spaces (1/2 oz.)4322
    Inner layer lines and spaces (1/4 oz.)4321.5
    Outer layer lines and spaces (1/2 oz. base)4322.5
    Outer layer lines and spaces (1/4 oz. base) 4322
    Maximum aspect ratio-w/.010" drilled hole 10:120:130:135:1
    Smallest drilled thru via 62 mil thick (in mils)8645
    Smallest drilled thru via 93 mil thick (in mils)10865
    Smallest drilled thru via 115 mil thick (in mils)121086
    Min. pad width (in mils)8643
    Min. pad spacing (mils)8643
    Min. pad pitch (mils) 141086
    Pad size over via size -Class 2 (in mils)10864
    Pad size over via size -Class 3 (in mils)121088
    Antipad over drill size (in mils)201687
    Press fit hole tolerance (in mils)+/- 2+/- 2+/-1.5+/- 1
    Back drilling tolerance +/- (in mils)10643

    High Density Interconnect (HDI)

    Smallest laser drilled vias (in mils)4322
    Smallest pad size over drilled hole size (in mils)10743
    Maximum aspect ratio-microvias0.8:11.2:11.5:12:01
    Stacked/Staggered Micro Viasyesyesyesyes
    HDI Constructions1+n+12+n+25+n+56+n+6


    SMD soldermask web width (in mils) 3223
    SMD soldermask clearance over pad (in mils) 4323
    Soldermask registration tolerance (using film) 32.522
    Soldermask registration tolerance (using LDI) 2.521.51

    Controlled Impedance

    Impedance control-single ended +/- %10%5%5%3%
    Impedance control-edge coupled diff. +/-%10%5%5%3%
    Impedance control-broad side differential +/-%10%5%5%3%

    Laminate materials

    Standard FR4Yes
    Lead-free compatible FR4Yes
    High speed digital materialsYes
    RF / microwave materialsYes
    Millimeterwave compatible materialsYes

    Thermal management / LED board

    Aluminum backed materialsYes
    Thermal conductivity of 1.5 W/mKYes
    Thermal conductivity of 2.2 W/mKYes
    Thermal conductivity of 3.0 W/mKYes
    Thermal conductivity of 4.0 W/mKyes
    Thermal conductivity of 8.0 W/mKyes

    Surface Finishes

    ENIG (electroless Ni-immersion gold)Yes
    ENIPIG (thin palladium <8 micro inchesYes
    ENEPIG (thick palladium up to 24 micro inchesYes
    Immersion SilverYes
    Immersion TinYes
    OSP - lead free compatibleYes
    HASL (Tin/Lead) - verticalYes
    HASL (lead-free) - verticalYes
    Electrolytic hard goldYes

    Advanced technologies

    Copper plated shut micro viasYes
    Single tier cavity designYes
    Mixed dielectric designsYes
    Edge plating / edge castellationsYes
    Wrap plating (blind vias / filled vias)Yes
    Laser defined soldermask printingYes
    Embedded resistanceYes
    Embedded capacitanceYes
    Jump scoring capabilitiesYes
    ITAR RegisteredYes

    Technology Roadmap – Millennium Circuits Limited | Click here to download!

    Contact MCL

    Over the years, MCL has developed stringent internal processes and controls that guide how we work. This allows MCL to have a quick quote response and give the utmost attention to detail to your quote and order at all stages.

    Contact MCL to discuss what materials and technology we can support and find out what engineering services and lifecycle management options MCL offers that will make buying PCBs seamless. MCL Redefines Customer service for our portfolio of customers on a daily basis. Call us at 717-558-5975 or click here to contact us online to fill the missing link in your supply chain!

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