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Rigid-Flex Printed Circuit Board

pcb rigid flexYour Leading Rigid-Flex PCB  Supplier

Rigid-flex PCBs are boards that combine the best of flexible and rigid-board technology

Designs vary greatly, and can be combined with a wide range of materials to support multiple use cases in a constant state of flex — often a flexed curve created during the manufacturing process, or can be made during final installation.

Why You Need Rigid Flexible Circuits From MCL

These printed circuit boards create a more challenging design for rigid-flex manufacturers, but we’ve been able to supply successful designs with full compliance and reliability. By engineering these in a 3D environment, we’re able to achieve spatial efficiency and incorporate folds and flexes that can help you meet a desired shape that works best with your application.


Layout Recommendations

Rigid-flex PCB  suppliers like MCL provide guidance on layouts and bends to keep your equipment safe. We wanted to present a quick overview to help you understand the thickness and other requirements you may need for your design.

Circuit Construction Bend Radius Calculation
1 Layer (single-sided) Flex Thickness x 6
2 Layer (double-sided) Flex Thickness x 12
Multi-Layer Flex Thickness x 24

Other design tips include:

  • Avoid 90˚ bends whenever possible.
  • Gradual bends are always safer.
  • Bend radius is measured from the inside of the bend.
  • Conductors running through a bend need to be perpendicular to the bend.
  • Use curved traces instead of traces with corners.
  • Traces should be perpendicular to your bend.


Your specific rigid-flex printed circuit board will be a custom design and production. However, to get you started thinking about what to consider, we wanted to share with you just a small selection of the materials that can be used for your project. This flexibility and capability makes us one of the leading rigid-flex PCB suppliers the United States has to offer.

Chief Materials

  • Standard FR-4 materials
  • Lead-free compatible FR-4 materials
  • High-speed digital materials
  • RF and microwave-compatible material
  • Metal core (i.e. aluminum) materials with high thermal conductivity
  • Polyimide
  • Coverlays, covercoats and flexible solder masks
  • DuPont, Panasonic and ShengYi custom, branded materials


  • ENIG
  • HASL
  • Lead-free HASL
  • Hard gold fingers
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MCL has served more than 600 customers across almost all major industries active in the United States. We’ve seen rigid-flex printed circuit boards put into use in a variety of scenarios, and have happy customers who are leading the way in today’s key modern industries:

  • Consumer electronics
  • Contract manufacturing
  • High-speed digital development
  • Instrumentation
  • LEDs and lighting
  • Power electronics
  • RF and microwave equipment
  • And other industrial applications

You Can Trust MCL

rigid-flex pcbAt MCL, we pride ourselves on delivering some of the best rigid-flexible printed circuit boards on the market. We want to show you exactly what we can do for your development, from engineering and prototyping to large-volume orders.

Save yourself time and protect your budget when you contact MCL today to discuss your upcoming project. Experience award-winning customer service for any of your PCB needs when you click here or call us at 717-558-5975.

PCB Glossary

  • Resin (Epoxy) Smear

    Resin transferred from the base material onto the surface of the conductive pattern in the wall of a drilled hole.

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