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Rigid-Flex Printed Circuit Board

pcb rigid flexYour Leading Rigid-Flex PCB  Supplier

Rigid-flex PCBs are boards that combine the best of flexible and rigid-board technology

Designs vary greatly, and can be combined with a wide range of materials to support multiple use cases in a constant state of flex — often a flexed curve created during the manufacturing process, or can be made during final installation.

Why You Need Rigid Flexible Circuits From MCL

These printed circuit boards create a more challenging design for rigid-flex manufacturers, but we’ve been able to supply successful designs with full compliance and reliability. By engineering these in a 3D environment, we’re able to achieve spatial efficiency and incorporate folds and flexes that can help you meet a desired shape that works best with your application.


Layout Recommendations

Rigid-flex PCB  suppliers like MCL provide guidance on layouts and bends to keep your equipment safe. We wanted to present a quick overview to help you understand the thickness and other requirements you may need for your design.

Circuit Construction Bend Radius Calculation
1 Layer (single-sided) Flex Thickness x 6
2 Layer (double-sided) Flex Thickness x 12
Multi-Layer Flex Thickness x 24

Other design tips include:

  • Avoid 90˚ bends whenever possible.
  • Gradual bends are always safer.
  • Bend radius is measured from the inside of the bend.
  • Conductors running through a bend need to be perpendicular to the bend.
  • Use curved traces instead of traces with corners.
  • Traces should be perpendicular to your bend.


Your specific rigid-flex printed circuit board will be a custom design and production. However, to get you started thinking about what to consider, we wanted to share with you just a small selection of the materials that can be used for your project. This flexibility and capability makes us one of the leading rigid-flex PCB suppliers the United States has to offer.

Chief Materials

  • Standard FR-4 materials
  • Lead-free compatible FR-4 materials
  • High-speed digital materials
  • RF and microwave-compatible material
  • Metal core (i.e. aluminum) materials with high thermal conductivity
  • Polyimide
  • Coverlays, covercoats and flexible solder masks
  • DuPont, Panasonic and ShengYi custom, branded materials


  • ENIG
  • HASL
  • Lead-free HASL
  • Hard gold fingers
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MCL has served more than 600 customers across almost all major industries active in the United States. We’ve seen rigid-flex printed circuit boards put into use in a variety of scenarios, and have happy customers who are leading the way in today’s key modern industries:

  • Consumer electronics
  • Contract manufacturing
  • High-speed digital development
  • Instrumentation
  • LEDs and lighting
  • Power electronics
  • RF and microwave equipment
  • And other industrial applications

You Can Trust MCL

rigid-flex pcbAt MCL, we pride ourselves on delivering some of the best rigid-flexible printed circuit boards on the market. We want to show you exactly what we can do for your development, from engineering and prototyping to large-volume orders.

Save yourself time and protect your budget when you contact MCL today to discuss your upcoming project. Experience award-winning customer service for any of your PCB needs when you click here or call us at 717-558-5975.

PCB Glossary

  • Readme File

    A text file included in the zip file, which provides necessary information needed to manufacture your order. Phone numbers or email addresses of designer or engineer contacts for this project should be included to expedite resolution of any potential manufacturing problems that could delay your order.

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