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MCL continues to impress us with your price, delivery and quality!

Mike KBuyer

Boards arrived today and look great! Thank you for your prompt attention on this order.


Pete MBuyer

Hi all At MCL,

I know customers usually only contact a vendor when something negative happens, I’d like to do the opposite.. Just wanted to tell you all how impressed I am with your pricing, promptness with RFQ’s, on time or early delivery, ( just got an order ten days ahead of when I thought I would, and our customer is ecstatic), and general friendliness and willingness to work with me and what’s best for the customer. Never have got the feeling I was second rate. I really appreciate all your efforts, keep it up and you will all go places, along with many more orders!! Take care!

Best Regards,


Mitchell OBuyer

Got our most recent order today, boards look great & packaged very nice. I really like working with you guys, you do very nice work. TTYS

Best Regards,

Larry G

Larry GBuyer

Thank you for expediting our PCBs. We really appreciate your efforts! You rock!

Thanks again,


Arlene FBuyer

The boards arrived yesterday and we have started putting components on one. Everything looks good, thank you.

Daniel BBuyer

We received our circuits boards last week, and they are excellent. We noticed that the through holes filled with lead free solder much easier without adding extra flux compared to some of our  boards ordered from other vendors. Thank you for your excellent service and quality.

Best Regards,

George K

George KBuyer

I appreciate your attention to this order and, as always, your great workmanship; you guys are definitely one of my best vendors. I wanted to give you guys a “well done” for the boards you’ve done for us so far. Great job and I intend to use Millennium a lot in the future.


Mike MBuyer

Our new stencil arrived today.  Thank you. You went above and beyond and we appreciate it! You certainly didn’t need to overnight it since we won’t have the boards for a couple weeks still, but thank you.

Best Regards,

Doug E

Doug EBuyer

Good Morning-
We received our first order of 200 pieces, thank you.  After a quick visual inspection, everything looks good, and the delivery arrived two days early!!  I couldn’t be happier!!  Unless some major problem arises, you are officially our new board vendor!!!  Thank you!!

Tracy RBuyer
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PCB Glossary

  • Lot Code

    Some Customers require a manufacturer’s lot code to be placed on the board for future tracking purposes. Your order form is how you select it. A drawing can specify the location, what layer and if it is to be in copper, mask opening, or silkscreen

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