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PCB Manufacturing Facilities

PCB Manufacturing LocationsMillennium Circuits Limited utilizes cutting edge technology to ensure that all of our products are produced with absolute precision and built to our customers required specifications. We take great pride in offering the most up-to-date facilities and equipment guaranteeing that our products are built fast, efficiently and defect free.

PCB Manufacturing Locations

  • USA
  • China
  • Taiwan

With our constant growth structure, MCL is actively adding new manufacturing locations around the world. By having multiple PCB manufacturing facilities, we can provide faster service to our global clientele.

Below are some images of equipment involved in the manufacture of PCBs.

E-test3_0 VCUT2_0 AOI_1 Automatic-Plating-Machine_0 Brown-oxidation-line_0 developing-line1_0 developing-line2_0 drilling3_0 Dry-film-pretreatment-line_0 dry-film-developing-line_0 E-test1_0 lead-free-hal_0 image009 PTH_0 routing1_0 routing4_0