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ENEPIG – Electroless Palladium Immersion Gold Options From MCL

MCL offers ENEPIG PCBs that are finished with Electroless Nickel, Electroless Palladium, Immersion Gold which is one of the more optimum choices for wire bonding as well as most PCB applications.

ENEPIG printed circuit boards were popular many years ago due to their overall board support and are now rising up once again thanks to a significant decrease in the cost of palladium. The design has been shown to successfully operate in conjunction with lead-free and eutectic solder alloys as well as most assembly processes.

Advantages of ENEPIG Circuit Boards

ENEPIG PCBs offer a few distinct advantages compared to other similar boards. The ENEPIG finish advantages include:

  • Corrosion resistance due to its multilayer design, eliminating the risk of grain boundary corrosion.
  • Lower contact resistance. The electrical resistance of this finish is uniform due to its production process and creates a situation where amperage is easier to predict and manage.
  • Pore-free finish.
  • Significantly higher bond pull strength. High pull weights are maintained through multiple tests, making it especially suited to gold ball and aluminum wedge bonding.
  • Strong solderability thanks to nickel protecting and reducing copper dissolution.
  • Supports conductive adhesives for applications that do not need or may be harmed by solder.
  • Won’t tarnish, extending its useful life.

And perhaps the best news of all is that the ENEPIG process tends to provide significant savings over electrolytic nickel gold and electroless nickel or electroless gold.

ENEPIG vs. Other Finishes

ENEPIG is often referred to as a “universal” finish because it can be used for almost any PCB and in all assembly processes. Palladium completely dissolves during soldering so there is no oxide present in the nickel surface. This means your application has less probability of errors, and you can safely use it with varying solder applications.

Compared to other finishes, ENEPIG printed circuit boards will have a greater solder joint strength and are more likely to meet your industry requirements for overall PCB life and durability.

MCL has created ENEPIG PCBs for a wide range of customers in the instrumentation, power, high-speed and EMS spaces. With more than 600 satisfied customers, our engineers have become masters at their craft. We welcome you to experience the benefit of working with MCL.


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