Case Study: MCL’s Rapid Launch Process Helps Customers Navigate Supply Chain Interruptions and Volatility

Millennium Circuits Limited delivers exceptional customer service when providing bare printed circuit boards (PCBs) to customers across the globe, regardless of the order’s size or complexity.

Even during the darkest days of the COVID-19 pandemic, MCL helped, Electronic Integration Inc., a leading electronic contract manufacturing company to commercial and government clients, achieve remarkable success. While the two companies had been loyal partners for many years prior, MCL played a pivotal role in propelling their business forward.

MCL assisted Electronic Integration Inc. in meeting their customers’ needs by providing unmatched customer service, prompt response times, technical expertise, and quick turnaround times on PCBs. This allowed Electronic Integration Inc. to continue thriving while other partners struggled to fulfill orders.

The Problem

Electronic Integration Inc. built a sparkling reputation among its clients for delivering specialized printed circuit boards efficiently and on time, backed by over 30 years of experience. Customers trust Electronic Integration Inc. for cost-effective, high-quality products with personal attention to detail.

As the pandemic widened, many of Electronic Integration Inc.’s competitors experienced operational slowdowns or came to a halt. Based in Feasterville, PA, Electronic Integration Inc. even had to prove they were a mandatory business as the state shut down non-critical businesses.

During these trying months and in the months following the pandemic as component shortages became prevalent, MCL became an invaluable partner for Electronic Integration Inc.

The Solution

MCL’s Rapid Launch Process, exceptional technical and customer service as well as 97% on-time delivery allowed Electronic Integration Inc. to meet every deadline – no matter how tight the window – now and even during the heart of the pandemic.

MCL’s Rapid Launch Process enables the delivery of bare printed circuit boards in a timeframe significantly shorter than the industry average lead time of 3-4 weeks. For PCB suppliers like Electronic Integration Inc., waiting for weeks to receive orders can damage their business, as it can result in lost orders and potentially even the loss of clients who are crucial to their success.

Thanks to MCL’s core competencies including their Rapid Launch Process, which is designed to provide a quick turnaround time from the start of manufacturing to delivery of bare printed circuit boards, an emphasis on timely communication, the ability to navigate component shortages and identify the best manufacturers, Electronic Integration Inc. never missed a deadline. Electronic Integration Inc. is forever grateful for its strong partnership with its trusted supplier.

“We needed reliable suppliers and MCL was always there for us even during difficult times,” according to a representative from Electronic Integration Inc. “They are prompt and responsive with their replies. They provide quick quotes, and their attention to detail is second to none. They always make sure all the bases are covered.”

Electronic Integration Inc. excelled even during the pandemic, leading to continued growth, additional clients, and profit increases.

With MCL as a trusted and reliable partner, Electronic Integration Inc. now enjoys the peace of mind that comes with knowing they can consistently deliver products to their customers on time. This allows Electronic Integration Inc. to provide exceptional customer service by ensuring timely deliveries and meeting customer expectations. Fostering customer satisfaction and loyalty has also enhanced Electronic Integration Inc.’s brand reputation and promoted positive word-of-mouth recommendations.

“Not being able to deliver for our customers would have been detrimental to our business,” Electronic Integration Inc.’s employee said. “Because of MCL, we never had any issues.”


The Rapid Launch Process has revolutionized the printed circuit board industry, rendering fast and reliable service to customers around the globe. It isn’t an additional expense or a perk for just a select group of MCL’s customers. All of MCL’s clients, including Electronic Integration Inc, go through the Rapid Launch Process and receive a dedicate team specializing in engineering, quality, logistics and customer service.

MCL’s technical expertise has resulted in an average on-time delivery rate of 97% which has enabled MCL to increase speed to market by 19.8%, setting a new standard in the industry. MCL’s Rapid Launch Process has become a game-changer as businesses face tighter deadlines to deliver products and services to meet customer demands.

MCL goes beyond being a mere PCB supplier; they are a valuable partner in their customers’ growth, providing comprehensive support and technical experience that extends beyond the product itself.

MCL’s collaborative approach, industry knowledge, and commitment to customer success make them an integral part of their customer’s journey toward achieving their business objectives. MCL’s mission is to be a true partner to all customers to help them meet and exceed their goals by delivering unmatched service.

MCL takes pride in its ability to supply top-quality printed circuit boards (PCBs) that meet its customers’ exact specifications and the specialized team that helps to make that happen, no matter how complex. With MCL’s range of capabilities, materials, and configurations, businesses can expect maximum quality and consistency from every PCB they build.

With a commitment to speed and efficiency, MCL can get PCBs to market significantly quicker than the industry average. Whether businesses need a simple prototype or a highly intricate design, MCL has the expertise and resources to provide exactly what businesses need, when they need it.

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