High Tech Custom Printed Circuit Boards

High-quality custom printed circuit boards are a forte of our engineering team here at Millennium Circuits Limited. We’ve built a wide range of unique and specialty printed circuit boards whether you need support for custom antennas, high power and thermal boards, rigid-flex combinations or boards with a significantly high number of layers.

High-tech printed circuit boards are a capability of MCL because we support a wide range of materials beyond standard FR-4 requirements. High-temperature specializations, custom board layouts and printing, immersion silver OSP finishes and a wide range of certifications and qualifications allow us to deliver the exact boards our customers need.


High-Quality Custom Printed Circuit Boards vs. Standard

Choosing high-quality custom printed circuit boards gives you a wider range of options beyond your standard PCB. You’re able to select what’s best for you including buried and blind vias, castellated holes, counter sink and bores, cover coats, laser routs and much more.

Plus, your custom PCB can come in a wider array of colors.

Your standard board typically has a variety of preset options and little room for large-scale customization. Working with the limitations of a standard board may help for a normal application with few specialization elements. However, you could end up spending more trying to continually revamp a standard PCB instead of creating your own from the start.

Part of MCL’s commitment to custom printed circuit boards is the ability to deliver a quick turnaround for many custom solutions. This means you’ll experience minimal time increases compared to standard boards and still have plenty of options for engineering reviews, prototyping and testing, manufacturing and large-scale production.

You don’t have to sacrifice when you choose specialty printed circuit boards.


High-Tech Solutions

High-tech solutions are some of the most common custom printed circuit boards we work on here at MCL. That’s why we’ve invested in the ability to use the materials and production techniques that work best in these high-tech environments.

Some of our specialty printed circuit board elements include FR4, Polyimide and Kevlar materials, HSAT boards with up to 16 layers, heavy copper and buried copper, fine line inclusion and the development of boards that do not fail under extremes of stress, vibration or temperature.



High-quality custom printed circuit boards deserve a manufacturer’s complete attention, and at Millennium Circuits Limited, that’s exactly what your specialty board will get.

We’ve spent the past decade Redefining Customer Service to create a process that works with all of our customers to deliver a unique PCB that exceeds expectations. We’ve engineered new solutions, solved design issues and brought PCB dreams to life with leading minds and equipment.

MCL is one of the most experienced, capable PCB fabricators in the U.S., and we offer a variety of finance and manufacturing option to meet budgets, timeframes and other custom needs. No matter where you are or how specific your PCB requirements are, the MCL team is your go-to source for all your PCB needs.