How We Work to Deliver the Best Results

Meet the Team of MCL Experts who will Help You Along the Way

Every order, regardless of size, receives the utmost attention to detail throughout the entire process to ensure all customer expectations are met. MCL is meticulous in our strict processes utilized for every order. Below are the specialized MCL team members you’ll work with from inquiry through delivery to increase your speed to market. We’ll work how you work. If you prefer to funnel all inquiries through your Customer Concierge, you may. If you prefer to have direct access to each specialist, that works for us too! We’re here to ensure your experience with MCL is exceptional.

How We Work to Deliver the Best Results


Your Account Executive will be your initial point of contact. After inquiry, they will work with you to determine your needs and initiate our team and process. Your Account Executive’s role is to ensure that your expectations are being met. They are the central point of contact between you, technical support, and our operations team. They are a solution provider employed for you.


During the discovery phase, your Account Executive will continue to work with you and our technical support team to understand your requirements and get your order right from the start.

Our technical support team shoulders the design for manufacturability process. Their mission is to offer their expertise to help you achieve the best, most cost-effective design for prototype AND volume production.


Here your Account Executive will begin the handoff to our quoting team. They will communicate any specifications required to initiate the order. This is where our quoting team will begin to evaluate the ‘right fit’ partner for production. Each customer will be assigned a dedicated Customer Concierge. At this stage, your Customer Concierge will function as admin support to your Account Executive. They will act as a resource to make PCB ordering as streamlined as possible. 


Your Customer Concierge will verify key information needed to process the PO, begin hand off to our ops team, as well as, communicate status updates on orders in progress to you.

Once your order is initiated, our Operations Analyst reviews and verifies that all quoted specs align with the details of the files and fabrication notes provided. This ensures all of your expectations are met in production. It also allows our engineering team to resolve any complex, technical questions faster in order to get your product into production as quickly as possible.


Our Quality & Engineering specialists will employ full DFM checks on the layout, stack ups, requested base materials, and other technical features and tolerances. Each drawing pack goes through a 56 point inspection checklist to evaluate design efficiencies for manufacturing. Our Quality & Engineering team might reach out with engineering questions, file approvals, to gather information or provide a resolution on a reported issue.


Our Logistics team communicates with the factories daily and acts as the communication liaison for the manufacturing process. You may receive real time updates on delivery or other logistics directly from our Logistics expert or from your Customer Concierge. Once your order has shipped, our Logistics team will send you tracking information. The packing slip, certificate of conformance, and any additional required documentation will also be included in your shipment.

How We Work to Deliver the Best Results

As an extension of your team, we have a specialized team supporting you during every step of the process. Our ‘All-In’ Culture establishes autonomy among employees to deliver exceptional customer service for all of our customers.  We hope you’ll give us a try!

Contact us to employ our technical expertise and increase your speed to market by 19.8%.  Our technical experts are standing by to resolve your PCB design challenges.