Introducing MCL’s Director of Engineering and Technical Support

MCL is pleased to announce the addition of Mike Tucker as Director of Engineering and Technology. Mike brings more than 26 years of PCB manufacturing experience, Design for Manufacturability, quality system development, and software automation to the team at MCL.  He has an extensive track record in developing and implementing manufacturing processes and methodologies to drive companies’ technology curve, capabilities, and competitiveness. Mike has proven expertise in helping customers realize their products from inception through mass production, ensuring the utmost quality while maintaining cost-consciousness.  Mike is sure to make a significant impact in his new role.

“We are excited to welcome Mike Tucker to the MCL team. The addition of Mike will help us fulfill our purpose of advancing innovation to positively impact society.  His extensive technical background and experience in PCB manufacturing will be instrumental in achieving our goals. We believe his expertise in customer development, conflict resolution, and project management will contribute significantly to our company’s continued growth and success.” – Dan Thau, CEO of MCL

Mike is also a certified IPC trainer. He has taught many professional development courses at IPC APEX, PCB West, and technical presentations in Europe that focus on design for manufacturing, customer development, and conflict resolution.

“I am thrilled to be joining the MCL team as Director of Engineering and Technical Support,” said Mike Tucker. “I look forward to working with the team to achieve our goals and advance innovation in the PCB industry. I am excited to contribute to the company’s continued growth and success and to support MCL’s commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.”

Mike’s hiring is part of a larger effort by MCL to strengthen its position as the leading PCB technical experts in the marketplace.  To jumpstart this program, Mike and the MCL team will be offering a series of technical webinars to share best practices for PCBs to the industry. To be the first to learn about this educational series, sign up to receive emails here.

MCL has always been committed to providing its customers with the highest level of technical expertise and support, and this move to bring on an experienced industry veteran like Mike is a clear demonstration of that commitment. By investing in the development of its employees, MCL will be able to continue pushing the boundaries of PCB technology and providing innovative solutions to its customers. This dedication to excellence and innovation is what sets MCL apart in the highly competitive PCB industry.

Introducing MCL’s Director of Engineering and Technical Support

MCL has supplied engineers and manufacturers with top-quality PCBs at competitive prices since 2005. We provide our customers with technical expertise throughout the development process that helps them improve speed to market by 19.8%.

Put Mike and our technical experts to the test today! Contact us with your files or questions and we’ll be happy to offer our suggestions for design for manufacturability.

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