MCL’s Webinar Series Kicks Off

On Thursday, December 14th 2023, MCL hosted its first free webinar!

Attendees joined presenters, Dan Thau (CEO of MCL) and Mike Tucker (Director of Engineering & Technology, Certified IPC Trainer), for an insightful webinar that dove into the world of advanced PCB design with MCL’s Value Engineering Services.

With a focus on getting your supplier involved early in the design process, and design for manufacturability, From Ideas to Impact: Elevate Your PCB Designs through Technical Expertise and Value Engineering, left attendees with these key points:

  • The impact of involving your PCB supplier early in the design process.
  • How material selection and stack up design affects cost and quality.
  • Real customer examples to understand how efficient design impacts your long term objectives.

Getting MCL involved early in the DFM process can help reduce costs and the time a PCB spends in engineering questions. Being proactive can help alleviate the primary cost determinants in PCB design. As discussed by Mike and Dan, these cost drivers encompass material selection, preferred lead time considerations, and the potential for sequential laminations.

MCL’s Webinar Series Kicks Off

The goal of MCL’s Value Engineering is to help you say farewell to wasted time, financial setbacks, and unnecessary risks. Didn’t get a chance to attend the webinar? No problem! View the full recording here to learn how our Value Engineering Services guarantee an edge for your PCB designs, ensuring top-tier quality and cost-effectiveness. With a team of skilled PCB technical experts by your side, harnessing the power of MCL’s skills opens doors to accelerated time-to-market, seamless rapid prototyping, a strong foundation for flawless production runs, and a safeguard against supply chain disruptions.

Don’t let uncertainties impede your progress – learn how to stride confidently into a future of streamlined success. Contact a technical expert to discuss your PCB project today!