PCB Jump Scoring

PCB Jump Scoring – V Scoring Explained

Many in the electronics industry agree that V-scoring and PCB Jump Scoring are both extremely useful features when it comes to printed circuit boards. But what is V-scoring, and why might you want to use it for your PCBs?

What Is V-Scoring?

V-scoring is when you cut double-sided marks into the laminate of the printed circuit board to make it easier to remove individual parts from the circuit board array. To V-score your boards requires a scoring tool consisting of a top and a bottom cutting blade that you run across the panel in a straight line. In some scoring machines, you pull the panel through the blades to create the scoring.

Why Use V-Scoring for Printed Circuit Boards?

V-scoring is used consistently in printed circuit board assembly because it is a great cost saver and a highly efficient way to offer easy separation of parts from a completed assembly. Being able to offer V-scored PCBs is often considered a great value add to PCB customers.

What Is the PCB Jump Scoring Process?

There are situations where you do not want the V-score to go through the PCB rails of the array. When you have heavy components or thin laminates, you may need the waste rails to maintain the strength of the array so the individual parts do not fall apart before you finish the assembly. In this case, you will need to lift the blades off the laminate surface before you get to the end of the panel. The name of this process is PCB Jump Scoring because the blades need to “jump” over certain parts of the array.

If you think you may need PCBs with jump scoring, seek out a PCB manufacturer who has access to state-of-the-art V-scoring equipment.

The latest V-score equipment allows you to much more easily program the blades to lift off the panels at the appropriate moment. It’s important to work with a company or a PCB designer that knows how to properly jump score, because allowing the blades to jump too early can result in reduced V-score depth and more difficulty separating parts from the array. It’s also very important when designing a PCB with jump scoring to accurately indicate and define jump score parameters on the design drawing.

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