Printed Circuit Boards for Medical Instrumentation

Demanding Requirements for Medical Field – Custom Printed Circuit Boards

MCL has been developing custom printed circuit board medical devices for more than 10 years, and we’ve been consistently ensuring that every board meets the highest quality standards for the medical community. That includes a variety of requirements around specialty materials, clean standards and a host of devices to support.

Medical device printed circuit boards are designed specifically for your medical instrumentation and are specialized to meet a wide range of care settings, lab settings and testing scenarios. Precision is the core focus of medical instrumentation PCB fabrication from MCL, and our customers are always pleased with our results.

Concept to Market

If you’re a developer of instrumentation, MCL can provide you with complete medical device printed circuit board fabrication and engineering support to bring your product to life. Our ability to generate high-frequency circuit boards can be applied to medical devices even when you need high-density interconnects to the medical sector.

New products will need a variety of testing and modifications, and we can assist you with prototyping methodologies and help you ramp up the manufacture of printed circuits boards in medical devices for your go-to-market.

Small-quantity PCB production can help you get your product right, and then we’ll assist you with full shifts to large-scale productions for medical device printed circuit board fabrication. MCL expert engineers can also assist you with full engineering to make sure you’ve optimized the PCB for your budget and your application.

Industries and devices that rely on the manufacture of printed circuits boards in medical devices include:

  • 2D and 3D sensors
  • Assembly instrumentation
  • Dental equipment
  • Digital X-ray equipment
  • Flex and ridge-flex interconnects for sensitive equipment
  • Imaging equipment
  • Ultra-HDI circuit boards and cables
  • And much more

Almost all of the equipment used to make diagnoses, develop treatments and administer treatments rely on PCBs in one form or the other.

RoHS Compliance and Support

Printed circuit boards for medical devices follow all regulatory guidance and requirements relevant to your industry. This includes RoHS compliance as well as UL testing for operational temperatures and solder limits.

Choose MCL for Medical Device Printed Circuit Board Fabrication

Millennium Circuits Limited provides unprecedented service and flexibility for any medical device PCB. No order is too small to begin your concept prototyping, or too large to help you bring it to market. We offer full engineering support to bring your medical device printed circuit board fabrication to life in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Our customers rate us with a 98% “Excellent Quality” rating, and we deliver on-time with high performance at a 99% rate. That covers 10 years of printed circuit boards for medical instrumentation, plus competitive pricing for both domestic and offshore manufacturing.

Contact us to get a super-fast quote for every facet of your operations.

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