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How MCL Is Redefining Customer Service 

Since its inception in 2005, MCL has been focused on redefining customer service. Excellent customer service, in this industry, can be something that is challenging for contract manufacturers, OEMs, and design firms to find. MCL strives to fill that gap in the industry through proactive and constant communication with customers, no matter the size or complexity of the order. MCL’s mission is to be a true partner to all customers. This means undivided attention to each order to assess ease of manufacturability, specifications that are in-line with the end application, and an experience technical team that looks to collaborate with customers and buyers.

In line with our beliefs that our role to customers is to be that of a true partner, MCL knows that the only way to accomplish that is to offer the highest of quality products at the most competitive prices. We help to consult our customers through the ordering and manufacturing process. We always have their best interests in mind when it comes to providing innovative solutions for manufacturing their products. Finally, MCL follows these services up with industry-leading support to our customers from when they place the order, to its status during manufacturing, if any delays are incurred, upon delivery, and after. MCL wholeheartedly accepts these duties so that we can help our customers grow.

MCL doesn’t believe in only having a transactional relationship with customers that is only conducted through email. Instead, MCL strives for each team member to have a solid, professional relationship with customers, whether that be a buyer or engineer. MCL doesn’t just want to be seen as one of the best PCB suppliers, we want our customers to view as a friend, a confidant, and a resource. Customers should know MCL has checks and balances in place for every order – we’ve got their back!

MCL redefines customer service through our internal practices and procedures. Our technical team ensures manufacturability for all of our customers’ orders. MCL also stands behind all of our products, delivery times, and when something occasionally goes wrong, MCL is upfront to the customer about it and we exhaust every and all options for remedying the situation quickly.

MCL is very proud to have very loyal customers, many of which MCL has helped to grow since our first years in the industry. MCL customers appreciate that we use a limited number of trusted and proven suppliers and that our technical team has to “release” any new order before any manufacturing begins. This process involves manufacturing questions as well as a “scrubbing” process where a technical team member verifies the specifications quoted are exactly what the customers wants and needs. MCL is constantly tracking order status if there are any manufacturing delays or improvements which we can then pass along to our customer.

As part of being a true partner to our customer and redefining customer service – we pride ourselves on breaking the mold and coming up with suggestions and improvements for manufacturing your board – making it an effective piece of your end product as well as more easily manufacturable.

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