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PCB Engineering Solutions

Design Rule Check (DRC)

To deliver high-quality PCB engineering services, MCL will always incorporate design rule check to determine if the layout of your chip meets design rules and optimizes your use of space. We think every client deserves to have the best form factor they can, and we’ll use DRC software to adhere to design rules to find the best layout for all of your layers.

Printed Circuit Board Design for Manufacturability (DFM)

Printed circuit board Design for Manufacturability (DFM) is the process of proactively creating your PCBs in a way that optimizes all of the elements of the manufacturing cycle — from fabrication and assembly through rounds of testing, delivery and service — in order to provide you with the best quality, cost, reliability, safety, time-to-market, regulatory compliance and satisfaction of your customers or your staff using these PCBs in the field.

MCL PCB engineering solutions strive to design for manufacturability in all of the development we do.


MCL’s PCB engineering solutions including arrays, panel creation and panelization. These processes rely on the same PCB engineering services to secure as many boards during manufacturing and assembly as possible, while allowing for further customization and separation when needed.

We offer PCB engineering services that meet simple panelization requirements on standard rectangular boards, or more complex development with panels featuring multiple routed rounded polygons and custom designs.

Through lean manufacturing and high-quality engineering principles, we are able to deliver panel designs and production that can improve your utilization rates, manage lead times and increase overall operational efficiency for your needs. MCL is here to help you with printed circuit board designs for manufacturability and reliability.

DXF to Gerber Conversion

PCB engineering services now recommend DXF and DWG to Gerber conversions, because this format seems to provide a greater level of control and improved production values. Mechanical CAD software can generate a DFX document that gives us plenty of data required to make your PCB, but these file types take extra time.

The Gerber file format has become the standard in PCB design solutions and services because it works with a wider variety of production equipment, has less potential for errors and ensures a faster production time.

Controlled Impedance Modeling

MCL PCB engineering solutions include support for controlled impedance modeling. We provide impedance-controlled PCBs specifically designed for OEMs and companies who need OEM-quality boards with demands to run PCBs in the 100MHz to 3GHz range.

Impedance-controlled PCBs also go through our PCB design solutions so that we can ensure that signal reflections are prioritized over insertion less often, because in this range the reflections are of the utmost importance for overall signal integrity.

Expert Engineering and Manufacturing Staff

Millennium Circuits Limited provides a full suite of engineering and PCB design solutions that meet our customers where they need to be. We run the latest in modeling and fabrication software, including Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) support to automate the process of inspecting layout data and performing design rule checks.

We have more than 600 customers operating in contract manufacturing, instrumentation, power electronics, RF and high-speed digital, semiconductors, LEDs and more. Plus, we support all of the materials that these industries require.

There’s no job too small or too large for MCL, and we’ll deliver our award-winning customer service to you each and every time. We invite you to experience our motto of “Redefining Customer Service.” We’ll start you out with a conversation about your needs and a free quote for your fabrication and design requirements.

Let’s start working together, today.

PCB Glossary

  • B-Stage Material

    Sheet material impregnated with a resin cured to an intermediate stage (B-stage resin). Prepreg is the popular term.