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Millennium Circuits Limited offers both a single-sided, or single-layer PCB and a double-sided PCB. While any PCB manufacturer can provide either type, we at MCL are happy to provide you with custom circuit boards that meet your specific need. We specialize in medium and high-volume orders but have no minimum when it comes to your PCB supply.

Single-Sided PCB vs. Double-Sided PCB

What is the difference between single-sided PCBs and double-sided PCBs and how does it affect your business? The single-sided PCB is the original printed circuit board, containing only one layer of conductive material with all the components on one side. They are an extremely popular configuration for printed circuit boards.

Double-sided PCBs are also very popular. The difference is that they use both sides of the board, with a conductive dielectric layer, circuit copper layers and solder mask on both the top and the bottom, connected by vias, so that the traces on the front can communicate with the ones on the back.

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Advantages to Single-Sided PCBs

While you will want to use double-sided PCBs in many circumstances, single-sided PCBs can confer a few advantages. Single-sided PCBs have been dominating the global market with respect to sheer volume since the 1950s for several reasons. Advantages to single-sided PCBs include:

  • Size: Because single-sided printed circuit boards only have a few layers — with a thin, thermally conductive and electrically insulating dielectric layer covered with copper laminate and protective solder mask on top — they are great for low-density designs.
  • Cost: Cost-effectiveness is the major advantage of single-sided PCBs. If you don’t need the extra space a double-sided PCB provides, you can save a great deal of money if you go with single-sided boards. This is especially true if you have a large order. Because there are fewer components on each board — and each one takes less time to make — they cost less to manufacture and the savings can add up quickly.
  • Speed and simplicity: While you still want to be sure you’re working with an experienced supplier to avoid costly and time-consuming errors in production, single-sided PCBs are the easiest to make. They do not require as many components or as much assembly, meaning the manufacturer can complete them faster and with fewer mistakes. If you have a high-volume order you need someone to fill fast, single-sided PCBs may be the best choice.

Contact Millennium Circuits Limited for Single-Sided and Double-Sided PCBs

With more than 75 years of collective experience, Millennium Circuits Limited knows what you need when it comes to printed circuit boards. We can provide your entire company with a fully customized supply of single-sided, double-sided or multi-layer printed circuit boards. Just tell us your requirements, and we’ll fill your order with high-quality printed circuit boards that are rigorously tested to make sure they won’t let you down.

To find out more and for a free quote on your single-sided or double-sided PCBs, just fill out our online information form now.

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