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Printed Circuit Boards & Products

Printed Circuit Boards | Product Standards

Our goal is to deliver the absolute best bare Printed Circuit Boards the industry has to offer. Millennium Circuits Limited (MCL) is an ISO Certified, UL Approved Printed Circuit Board provider that follows all IPC Standards.

With our experience and state-of-the-art technology, we can guarantee that all of our clients receive:

  • On Time Delivery
  • Defect Free Products
  • Savings of 30-60%

Printed Circuit Boards | Capabilities and Lead Times

Our capabilities are not limited like most PCB companies. We build rigid boards from 1-44 layers with lead times that are geared towards your project. The typical lead time is 1-15 days, depending on your specific needs.

We also provide 100% laser cut SMT stencils that we can ship same day from our east and west coast manufacturing locations.


We do not limit our clients to minimum order quantities. Whether you need 1 piece or 1,000,000 pieces, MCL offers the same guarantee on all orders; low cost, defect free PCB’S delivered on time. We strictly train our team to treat every order with the utmost respect and attention to detail regardless of order size. That’s our promise.

Free Quotes

Our unique and finely tuned processes give us the ability to issue fast quotes on all RFQ’S. This assists in our abilities to ensure a speedy delivery of your product. Most quotes are issued within 1 business day after receiving the official RFQ.

The PCB Supplier You Can Count On

When it comes to printed circuit boards, you need a PCB supplier that you can count on every single time. If you can’t get all the printed circuit boards you need when you need them and be confident that they will work the way they are supposed to, your business can’t function effectively. That’s why in addition to our fast quotes, fast lead times and quality guarantees, we also have a rigorous quality assurance policy in place to make sure that all of your printed circuit boards are consistently premium quality and defect-free.

This quality assurance policy means using a team of quality control experts working with state-of-the-art tools to implement strict in-line testing methods. These methods include solderability testing, visual inspections, mechanical inspections, multiple lines for electrical opens/shorts testing and even flying probe and impedance control testing if necessary. We do all this so you can be confident that your product conforms with all of your requirements as well as IPC-A-600 standards and specifications.


PCB Glossary

  • Router

    A machine that cuts away portions of the laminate to form the desired shape and size of the printed board.